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Debunking the Myths of Bad Data

How do you know how your employees really feel? Many managers look to turnover trends, productivity and anecdotal feedback to determine how happy their workers are. Unfortunately, there are some flaws in relying solely on those sources of information:Turnover trends:Sadly, people have an extremely high tolerance for misery. I see it all the time professionally and in friends and family members – people who are so smart, complaining about their jobs and how they only stay because it’s easier than the uncertainty of something new. True, it mustn’t be so bad that they’re willing to pack up their READ MORE ››

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Taking the leap

At Brilliant Ink, we often talk about the importance of “practicing what we preach.” After all, how can we authentically counsel our clients on how to create a meaningful employee experience if we don’t have one ourselves? Recently, we’ve been taking the notion of practicing what we preach to a whole new level. This month, I became CEO of Brilliant Ink - a company that up to this point has been led by our founder, Liz Kelly. As I’m embarking on this exhilarating and intensely personal journey (after all, I’ve worked side by side with Liz since the moment she founded Brilliant Ink in September READ MORE ››

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Get Organized: Some of Our Favorite New Tools

Let’s face it – technology often comes with the promise of making life easier, but more times than not, it just adds more complexity. That is so not the case with these project-management tools we’ve recently started using. For those of you looking to add a lot more organization to your life with minimal effort, these organization tools are worth checking out. Oh, and bonus – they are totally FREE! Evernote: It’s time to throw away your Post-it notes! For fellow list-makers, Evernote is like fresh snowfall on Christmas morning – it’s THAT exciting! Not only does it allow you to organize your READ MORE ››

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Peace Out

Today is my 40th birthday. It’s a milestone I assumed I’d dread – I remember thinking in my high school years that I may as well be dead at this point. How could anything interesting happen when you’re so old?!I’m exceptionally glad (and not terribly surprised) that my younger self turned out to be clueless. Life seems to get more interesting the older I get, and I hope this continues for a long, long time. But reaching a milestone like 40 is a great time to take stock of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am hoping to go.For the last seven years, I’ve been on the ride of my life, known READ MORE ››

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Intranet blues? Keep calm, eat a burger and read on

I’ve been doing some inner listening this month and have a theory about In ‘n Out. (Yes, my mind wanders when I’m in yoga class.) Why do I go out of my way on a road trip to eat at In ‘n Out? It’s true—I’ll drive in the wrong direction for their fries. Beyond being delicious, my theory is that I like it because it’s consistent. I know what I’m getting, and I know it will be good. That’s how people should feel about their intranet.Your intranet might not be there yet, as Sara points out in her post. So, in this 2nd installment of our intranet series, let’s discuss how you can create a sense of READ MORE ››

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Your Intranet Probably Sucks – Here’s How to Fix It

 Have you ever loved your company’s intranet? I’ve yet to hear an employee rave about their internal portal and the ways it’s a time and sanity-saver in one.Seriously, Google the words “intranet” and “sucks” and you’ll come up with 97,600 hits.So is a functioning intranet the stuff of legend? Could an internal site be useful, concise, and delightful – all without over-burdening one editor? We think so – and approaching your intranet as an opportunity to connect with your people is key.Here are some ways to transform your intranet into an engagement opportunity: Listen to what your people are READ MORE ››

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Face to Face

  If you’re like me, people fascinate you. You love connecting with others and listening to individual life stories is nothing short of amazing. Hence why, nerves aside, I thoroughly enjoy interviews. The whole process, on either side of the equation-- as the interviewer and interviewee.A friend of mine recently applied to a popular and highly engaged company in the Bay Area. She soon discovered her interview was hosted through the online interview platform, SparkHire. She had to record herself answering pre-selected questions within a certain timeframe. What if she wasn’t good on camera or READ MORE ››

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Year One: Check!

See what our first Brilliant Futures scholarship winner, Laila Mufty, has to say about her freshman year at Gettysburg.Dear Brilliant Ink,People say that college is one of the best times of your life and after a year of researching that statement at Gettysburg College, I wholeheartedly agree. My first two weeks were incredibly difficult. As it turns out, Gettysburg is quite different from the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to adjusting to a new environment, I was also incredibly homesick. It was my first time leaving my family and taking a journey of this magnitude alone. However, after READ MORE ››

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A Different Kind of ‘Night on the Town’

Avid readers of the Brilliant Blog already know that we’re pretty obsessed with Dress for Success (we’ve written about it here, here and here). Well, our love affair is stronger than ever after attending Dress for Success San Francisco’s 10th Anniversary Gala last week at the beautiful Julia Morgan Ballroom in the heart of San Francisco.It was particularly meaningful because nearly the entire Brilliant Ink team was able to attend this year’s gala – an extra special treat for me as the lone New York Inkie in attendance. It’s always nice for the team to get dressed up for a fancy night on the READ MORE ››

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A Day in the Life of a Brilliant Inky

 What does it take to be an Inky? You might be surprised at the skills necessary to thrive in a place where brilliance is the status quo – and on the front door. Take a look at a day-in-the-life to get the inside scoop on our world.7:30 a.m. DanceToday started extra early; however, it wasn’t a typical appointment. It was the one-year birthday of Daybreaker SF and the BI team was there. Clad in our finest yoga gear and sparkling silver tiaras to match the theme, we jump on the dance floor and shake our groove things for two hours. It seems Daybreaker is becoming a bicoastal BI tradition!10:30 READ MORE ››

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