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You've found the Brilliant Blog, home to our missives, musings and meditations on employee engagement. Welcome!


Face to Face

  If you’re like me, people fascinate you. You love connecting with others and listening to individual life stories is nothing short of amazing. Hence why, nerves aside, I thoroughly enjoy interviews. The whole process, on either side of the equation-- as the interviewer and interviewee.A friend of mine recently applied to a popular and highly engaged company in the Bay Area. She soon discovered her interview was hosted through the online interview platform, SparkHire. She had to record herself answering pre-selected questions within a certain timeframe. What if she wasn’t good on camera or READ MORE ››

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Year One: Check!

See what our first Brilliant Futures scholarship winner, Laila Mufty, has to say about her freshman year at Gettysburg.Dear Brilliant Ink,People say that college is one of the best times of your life and after a year of researching that statement at Gettysburg College, I wholeheartedly agree. My first two weeks were incredibly difficult. As it turns out, Gettysburg is quite different from the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to adjusting to a new environment, I was also incredibly homesick. It was my first time leaving my family and taking a journey of this magnitude alone. However, after READ MORE ››

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A Different Kind of ‘Night on the Town’

Avid readers of the Brilliant Blog already know that we’re pretty obsessed with Dress for Success (we’ve written about it here, here and here). Well, our love affair is stronger than ever after attending Dress for Success San Francisco’s 10th Anniversary Gala last week at the beautiful Julia Morgan Ballroom in the heart of San Francisco.It was particularly meaningful because nearly the entire Brilliant Ink team was able to attend this year’s gala – an extra special treat for me as the lone New York Inkie in attendance. It’s always nice for the team to get dressed up for a fancy night on the READ MORE ››

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A Day in the Life of a Brilliant Inky

 What does it take to be an Inky? You might be surprised at the skills necessary to thrive in a place where brilliance is the status quo – and on the front door. Take a look at a day-in-the-life to get the inside scoop on our world.7:30 a.m. DanceToday started extra early; however, it wasn’t a typical appointment. It was the one-year birthday of Daybreaker SF and the BI team was there. Clad in our finest yoga gear and sparkling silver tiaras to match the theme, we jump on the dance floor and shake our groove things for two hours. It seems Daybreaker is becoming a bicoastal BI tradition!10:30 READ MORE ››

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Prep for that R and R

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s almost vacation time!As much as I love a good trip, coming back to the office is no fun. Overflowing inbox, feeling behind on projects and an endless to-do list are enough to kill any post-vacation glow. So how do you make the best of it? Here are a few tips to make re-entry a bit easier:Before you go: Purge your inbox. Before you leave, take some time and delete delete delete. You know there will be numerous emails waiting for you when you return, so do a little housekeeping now. Clean up. Sure, you’re feeling crazed trying to finish your to-do READ MORE ››

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The weekend is fast approaching and this week’s Inklings have already arrived:The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs – If companies want to attract incredible people, then they must also be remarkable themselves.Breaking Down Your Roadblocks: The 4 People You Need To Help – A common saying is to surround yourself with those you strive to be like and those you can learn from. What are your thoughts?Why Resilient People Are Happier—and How to Be More Like Them – Learn something from resilience.Colorful, captivating and creative #MashPics from the month of May READ MORE ››

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Going with Your Gut

I recently began listening to an audio book recommended by a friend. The book includes advice on how to streamline your priorities, and the author has the typical credentials you’d expect: He holds an advanced degree from a well-known university, he’s consulted for lots of high-profile organizations, and he conducted a study of hundreds of executives to reach the conclusions he’s presenting in the book.  In other words, all the ingredients were present for me to learn something useful. And yet, about 30 minutes into the audio recording, I realized something important: I already knew how to READ MORE ››

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What if limitations were a good thing?

“There is no art without limitation.” – Oscar Wilde *One of my favorite creative writing professors mentioned this quote last week while we were discussing the idea of control and constraints within writing. As short story writers, we had been tasked with crafting “short-shorts,” so instead of luxuriously developing a story over 15 pages, we had a few paragraphs to compose a beginning, middle and end. The exercise was difficult – really difficult – but I found it freeing at the same time. I couldn’t rely on background summary or long chunks of dialogue to create meaning.As I cut my short-short READ MORE ››

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Wake Up & Dance!

If life is one epic adventure on this small planet we call home, then it is our duty as stargazers and swashbucklers to live each day as if it were our last.That was the opening sentence to the invitation we received to “Wake up and dance on a boat in support of Nepal” from the good folks at Daybreaker, a morning movement that promises to start your day off unlike anything else. After attending my first Daybreaker event on May 6, I can happily confirm that they stayed true to their promise.When I boarded the beautiful Hornblower Infinity with my fellow Inkies at 6am, I had a very vague idea of READ MORE ››

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Walking in Harmony

 Walk, step, groove and move! That’s exactly what occurred this past weekend at Dress for Success’ Power Walk. At Brilliant Ink, we’ve made it a tradition to support an organization that lights the way for advancing women’s career development. Hint: it’s majorly important to us.This year we raised more than $3,000 (Shoutout to all our donors!) for San Francisco and New York affiliates – we even landed the top fundraising spot in SF. It was nice to see our teams grow with family, friends, loved ones, and some furry companions too. This wouldn’t be possible without our commitment to corporate READ MORE ››

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