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You've found the Brilliant Blog, home to our missives, musings and meditations on employee engagement. Welcome!


Boom! It's conference time. Will you join us?

Our CEO, Ann Melinger will be chairing ALI's Strategic Talent Acquistion and Retention Conference in NYC, March 21-23, 2016. Learn how to train and retain top talent- including millennials and the 5 rules of engagement with organizations like TMI, Lululemon, Fidelity Investments, Cisco and more. Enter "SPK0316" for a handy dandy discount!For more info on how to create a hiring process that reflects your organization's reality, check out Ann's blog on sensational recruiting. Hope to see you there. READ MORE ››

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All on board the benefit express!

Ah healthcare. Such an important benefit that employers can offer to their employees, and yet it can be so overwhelming and confusing to switch to a new provider. At Brilliant Ink, we are currently in the process of switching benefit providers and while there have been some hiccups, ultimately it will be the most beneficial choice for our team. Here are a few tips to make the change as smooth as possible:Share the pros with your team first. Does the new healthcare plan have a lower deductible? Is the website super easy to use? Are there some new perks, like a commuter plan? Undoubtedly there READ MORE ››

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Ready, Set, Goal!

“If I set a New Year’s resolution, I always achieve it.” - said no one ever.There are a million reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail, but change is at the heart of them all: changing priorities, changing circumstances, changing commitment levels and changing accountability.We all know it’s the right thing to do – to give yourself lofty goals and work hard to achieve them. So why are resolutions the butts of countless jokes and often discredited as soon as they are declared? And we don’t only do this in our personal lives. At work we set annual goals, but they too fall by the wayside after READ MORE ››

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Looking back on 2015: Employee Engagement is having a moment

Earlier this month, I joined around 50 other professionals in internal communications, employee engagement and HR for the Advanced Learning Institute’s (ALI) Strategic Employee Engagement & Internal Brand Activation conference here in New York. I loved discussing participants’ ideas and feedback during the workshop I led, answering questions on a panel with other communications leaders, and hearing examples from leading organizations like Fidelity, Facebook, Buzzfeed and TD Bank. But what I always like most about conferences like this is taking in a broad view of current trends and ideas in READ MORE ››

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The Giving Tree—and why it doesn’t always have to be green

The holidays are here, and as 2015 comes to a close, we’ve got good cheer in our hearts and minds. As part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, Brilliant Ink donates to our favorite charities throughout the year, but what we find most rewarding is giving our time. Here are some ways you can give back without writing a check: Ask others to support you— Register for a charity walk, 5k run (or even longer!), or a social-good hackathon with co-workers. Ask if your company would sponsor your team, donate on your behalf or cover your entrance fee. For the past two years, the Brilliant READ MORE ››

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Debunking the Myths of Bad Data

How do you know how your employees really feel? Many managers look to turnover trends, productivity and anecdotal feedback to determine how happy their workers are. Unfortunately, there are some flaws in relying solely on those sources of information:Turnover trends:Sadly, people have an extremely high tolerance for misery. I see it all the time professionally and in friends and family members – people who are so smart, complaining about their jobs and how they only stay because it’s easier than the uncertainty of something new. True, it mustn’t be so bad that they’re willing to pack up their READ MORE ››

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Taking the leap

At Brilliant Ink, we often talk about the importance of “practicing what we preach.” After all, how can we authentically counsel our clients on how to create a meaningful employee experience if we don’t have one ourselves? Recently, we’ve been taking the notion of practicing what we preach to a whole new level. This month, I became CEO of Brilliant Ink - a company that up to this point has been led by our founder, Liz Kelly. As I’m embarking on this exhilarating and intensely personal journey (after all, I’ve worked side by side with Liz since the moment she founded Brilliant Ink in September READ MORE ››

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Get Organized: Some of Our Favorite New Tools

Let’s face it – technology often comes with the promise of making life easier, but more times than not, it just adds more complexity. That is so not the case with these project-management tools we’ve recently started using. For those of you looking to add a lot more organization to your life with minimal effort, these organization tools are worth checking out. Oh, and bonus – they are totally FREE! Evernote: It’s time to throw away your Post-it notes! For fellow list-makers, Evernote is like fresh snowfall on Christmas morning – it’s THAT exciting! Not only does it allow you to organize your READ MORE ››

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Peace Out

Today is my 40th birthday. It’s a milestone I assumed I’d dread – I remember thinking in my high school years that I may as well be dead at this point. How could anything interesting happen when you’re so old?!I’m exceptionally glad (and not terribly surprised) that my younger self turned out to be clueless. Life seems to get more interesting the older I get, and I hope this continues for a long, long time. But reaching a milestone like 40 is a great time to take stock of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am hoping to go.For the last seven years, I’ve been on the ride of my life, known READ MORE ››

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Intranet blues? Keep calm, eat a burger and read on

I’ve been doing some inner listening this month and have a theory about In ‘n Out. (Yes, my mind wanders when I’m in yoga class.) Why do I go out of my way on a road trip to eat at In ‘n Out? It’s true—I’ll drive in the wrong direction for their fries. Beyond being delicious, my theory is that I like it because it’s consistent. I know what I’m getting, and I know it will be good. That’s how people should feel about their intranet.Your intranet might not be there yet, as Sara points out in her post. So, in this 2nd installment of our intranet series, let’s discuss how you can create a sense of READ MORE ››

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