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Best Practices

Collaborating Co-workers

The Brilliant Ink team has grown a lot in the past year (and I don’t just mean the recent arrival of two new Brilliant babies). As we’ve continued to welcome new team members – many of whom work remotely in other cities outside of San Francisco – we’ve had to work harder than ever to make sure we’re working together...

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Getting in focus

There are a lot of things I love about the work I do – communicating with employees can be enormously rewarding, creative and fun. Hands down, my favorite part about my job is the opportunity to get out and talk with employees through focus groups.I’ll never forget my first trip to conduct focus groups for a manufacturing company that had...

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Proofread Like a Pro

OK, we’re word nerd perfectionists at Brilliant Ink and we want our clients to see our very best work every time. Proofreading is a vital step for us and done well it can make the difference between sparkling, accurate prose and…well, the kind of Internet spelling and grammar horrors that give us the chills.We love to share, so this post...

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Raising the bar – the power and value of benchmarking

My first college internship was with a Houston-based company that specialized in corporate benchmarking studies. I was immediately intrigued by the notion that companies would be willing to share the secrets of their success to help others – often direct competitors – learn and model themselves accordingly.Since then, I’ve worked on a number of benchmarking efforts, and recently wrapped up...

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Get on board!

Next week, Brilliant Ink will welcome a new addition to our small but mighty team. Kate Brinkerhoff has come all the way from New York City to be a part of the San Francisco office, and we couldn’t be more excited! You’ll hear more about Kate later, but today I’m writing about what we’re doing right now – getting ready...

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Managing for strengths

Think back to the last performance review you received. How did the conversation go? Maybe you spent a little time at the beginning hearing about your strengths and the things you do well – just enough time to feel a little boost of self-confidence, until wham! Your reviewer has moved onto your weaknesses, perhaps described as “opportunities for improvement.”How much...

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Time to put the top down?

What’s the best way to get people to really listen to the message you’re trying to get across? In today’s age of information and technology overload, we’re all getting hit with messages from every angle – mobile phones, email, text messages, tweets, Facebook updates. How can you break through all of that and actually be heard amongst all of the...

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Welcome back!

This is a big week for me. It’s my first week back to work after taking maternity leave following the birth of my daughter, Lila, now two months old. It’s definitely been a challenging transition, but also a welcome change from constantly thinking about diaper changes and sleep schedules.Making the transition from full-time mom back to working mom got me...

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“Communications Has Always Been a Challenge”

One problem we hear time and time again: "Communications has always been a challenge." Sometimes it’s a bandwidth issue. After all the time spent critically evaluating a change that needs to be made, creating a plan and then going through the process of consensus-building on a particular approach, it can be a mad dash to the finish to communicate the...

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To Americanize or not to Americanize – the global communications dilemma

As a Brit, I grew up writing with proper British English and idiom. In the early part of my communications career, I learned that “correct” English could be baffling to colleagues from other countries. Writing for American companies, I learned that “u” is often superfluous and that “fanny” is, in fact, a perfectly fine word to use in company. Now...

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