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Only You Can Stop Word Crimes

Grammar nerds rejoiced last week when Weird Al Yankovic released with parody of the 2013 smash summer hit Blurred Lines, with his linguistically delightful song and video about Word Crimes. His opening verse states: If you can't write in the proper way If you don't know how to conjugate ...

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Stand and Deliver

When we opened the Brilliant Ink NYC office earlier this year, one thing we made sure to get were desks that would allow us to stand while we’re working (check out the photo at left to see one of our desks “in action”). Don’t get me wrong – we don’t stand and work ALL day, but it is nice to...

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The Future is Brilliant

We are so excited that we’ve partnered with Girls Inc. of Alameda County to provide a $10,000 college scholarship to one of their organization’s standout members! And now we want you to meet the recipient of our first-ever Brilliant Futures Scholarship, Laila Mufty! Laila recently graduated from Holy Names High School in Oakland and will attend Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania beginning...

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Fashion with a Cause

Brilliant Ink stepped out at Dress for Success San Francisco's 9th Annual Fashion Gala on June 19th. It was a night of style and celebration to support the economic independence of disadvantaged women and to provide them with the necessary career tools to thrive. We love standing behind an organization that sets the foundation for women's empowerment! Check out our photos from...

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Walking for a Purpose: Dress For Success

On May 10, Team Brilliant Ink stepped out to power walk coast to coast in New York and San Francisco for Dress for Success. As one of our 2014 philanthropic partners, their mission to foster economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and...

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Never too many cooks in our kitchen

Here at Brilliant Ink, we pride ourselves in being creative thinkers, and we understand that part of being creative involves trying new things. That’s the whole premise behind our Test Kitchen. Once a quarter, we set aside four hours to cook up new ideas to make work more enjoyable. You may be thinking,...

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Thanks, Gloria

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. – Gloria Steinem Women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem turned 80 years old this week. To be honest, I don’t know much about her but I have always loved some of the quotes attributed to...

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Words to Live By

Earlier this week, I heard a story on NPR about “The Holstee Manifesto.” Apparently, this short but meaningful collection of motivational statements adorns the walls of dozens of tech companies and startups, from Google and AirBnb to Zappos and TED. I had never seen or heard of it before, but was immediately intrigued. How could some simple thoughts jotted down...

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Gratitude at Work

Do you believe that your happiness depends on your success at work? Many people feel the same way. But actually, it’s quite possible that we’ve got it all backwards. Psychologists like Shawn Achor argue that cultivating a positive mindset actually inspires productivity and success. If...

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