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Daily Grind

Finding Meaning in the Moments

Brilliant Ink CEO Liz Kelly was in New York City last week to present some of the highlights from our Employee Experience Survey to members of IABC. The night was a success and we thought we would share some of the brilliant slides about the "Daily Grind" with our followers. Feel free to browse through our attached presentation and download...

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Why Good Design Matters for Employee Communications

It’s not a secret that design has become a strategic weapon for external communications. Whether it’s an easy-to-use website or an engaging ad campaign, companies of all sizes understand that design can differentiate and create loyal customers. When it comes to employee communications, fewer examples of stand-out design tend to surface. This may be because this type of communication is meant...

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Finding meaning in the moments

If you had to describe your life to someone who doesn’t know you, what would you say? How would you explain it? Would you start chronologically, or hone in on pivotal moments? Would you describe accomplishments or relationships?However you choose to define it, specific snapshots of moments are probably flashing through your mind. That’s because our experience of anything is...

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Bringing the personal and the purposeful into our work

I just finished Dan Pink’s latest book, To Sell is Human. It’s a fascinating read that explores how and why, so many of us are now in sales.Sales. Yuk.But before you think I’ve just condemned myself (and possibly you) to the sleazy ranks of the stereotypical smarmy salesman, consider this:“[We] are engaged in what I call “non-sales selling.” We’re persuading,...

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Putting trust in your employees

Ever since I attended Yammer’s YamJam conference last month, I’ve been thinking about a quote I heard: “If you have a culture of trust at your organization, employees won’t be afraid to point out your mistakes. And they’ll do this before your competitors.” Being open to employee feedback not only helps you adjust course quickly but it also shows employees...

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Fresh Idea: Homegrown Speaker Series

Graduation season is approaching, which reminds me of a tradition at my Alma matter. School administrators don’t bring in big-name speakers for the commencement ceremony; instead, they invite graduating seniors to apply for the honor of giving the speech. The fact that there could still be snow on the ground in Maine in May could have played a part. But...

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Show Me the Meaning

“Show me the money.” It’s a now infamous line, thanks to Cuba Gooding and a little movie called Jerry Maguire. And let’s be honest: Gooding’s character, Rod Tidwell, was on to something. Money is important. It enables us to pay our mortgages, provide for our children, put food on our tables and fill our lives with the activities and possessions...

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How NOT to Boost Employee Morale

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a disturbing trend. Apparently some companies have started hiring private investigators to determine if employees who are using sick days, are, in fact, sick.First, I'd be curious to know the cost associated with enlisting the services of a detective vs. the cost of a sick employee's lost time. Is there really that...

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A Little Pharma Fun

Let's face it, the pharmaceutical industry isn't necessarily known for approaching communications in fun, quirky ways - which is exactly why we perked up when we saw the YouTube video created by our friends at Novo Nordisk in honor of World Diabetes Day (which was November 14).The video features real employees dancing, singing and acting goofy, all in the name...

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