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Employee Experience

How to inspire the candidates you admire

Last week, the U.S. Labor Department announced that applications for unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level in nearly four years. It’s encouraging news when a lot of what we’re hearing about the economy is gloom-and-doom. Here at Brilliant Ink, we’re seeing our own signs that things are turning around, too. One of our clients recently sought our support for...

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Learning from the best of the best

Yesterday, Fortune released its annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Since the list was introduced in 1998, it has become the gold standard of workplace awards, plastered across winners’ websites, touted by recruiters and coveted by companies across the country.So, what can the rest of us learn from these top companies? Sure, perks like gourmet food...

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Simplify Your Intranet

Your Intranet: No Need for Instructions

What’s your New Year’s resolution? We’ve got one you can stick to—and it doesn’t require any fancy gym equipment or crazy diets. Make your intranet easier to use. There are ways to make your site fool-proof without a major re-haul. We promise! We believe employees shouldn’t need training to use an intranet. They spend at least part of their day online—watching...

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Less is More

The picture to the left shows the many posters we’re required by federal, state and local government to display in our little office. If you’ve already fallen asleep, I can’t blame you. Have you ever seen anything more boring or less reader-friendly?We’ve posted them in the closet because, frankly, they’re an eyesore. More importantly, they’re absolutely ineffective at their apparent...

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Collaborating Co-workers

The Brilliant Ink team has grown a lot in the past year (and I don’t just mean the recent arrival of two new Brilliant babies). As we’ve continued to welcome new team members – many of whom work remotely in other cities outside of San Francisco – we’ve had to work harder than ever to make sure we’re working together...

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Getting in focus

There are a lot of things I love about the work I do – communicating with employees can be enormously rewarding, creative and fun. Hands down, my favorite part about my job is the opportunity to get out and talk with employees through focus groups.I’ll never forget my first trip to conduct focus groups for a manufacturing company that had...

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The invisible bonus: connecting your employees with a higher purpose

A couple of weeks ago, Kate and I interviewed a client about the notion of culture – what creates a strong culture, how it’s preserved, and what organizations can do to make sure all employees feel like they’re part of it. During our conversation, our client referred to the notion of an “invisible bonus,” or the idea that a company’s mission,...

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Sometimes, Words Alone Fail Us

Around here we spend lots and lots of timing writing. Writing core messages, writing strategy descriptions, writing articles, writing executive memos, writing speeches, and so on. We write all kinds of things for our clients and ourselves every day, so it goes without saying that we are huge believers in the written word.But we also don’t believe that successful communication...

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