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Employee Experience

What’s All the Yammering About?

Have you heard of Yammer yet? Think of it as Twitter for business - it's an online, information-sharing platform that enables employees across your organization to connect with each other.Its popularity seems to be growing - according to an IABC study, of four fifths of study respondents who said their organization is using social media for internal communications, around 20...

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Spruce up your policies

I recently came across an interesting blog post about the importance of having a social media policy. This got me thinking about the challenges of communicating policies and procedures to employees. By nature, policies tend to be prescriptive and dry, but nonetheless an important part of your company's operations. So, how can you ensure your people understand and comply with...

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Advertising Discovers Internal Communications

BrandWeek recently published an article detailing how Pepsi unveiled its latest ad campaign to its employees first. The article is full of interesting tidbits about how the marketing team "invertised" (their term, not mine) to employees via nifty posters, webcasts and a photo contest. What's missing is any mention of the internal communications team that was surely involved in the...

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A voice of reason

Seen any of the recent media stories ripping into banks who accepted federal bailout money, then turned around and paid out huge bonuses or threw lavish parties for their executives? In business, as in life, most things are rarely so cut and dry, and it turns out this may be the case for Wells Fargo, one of the recent recipients of media...

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Corporate Speak is Punishable By Death: Part 2

Drum roll, please! Here's the conclusion of the top 10 words and phrases we'd like to eliminate from all business communications materials: 6. Leverage I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but I only recently learned that leverage is a noun, not a verb. I've seen it used almost exclusively as a verb throughout my professional career. Besides the fact that it's completely...

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Corporate Speak is Punishable By Death: Part 1

If you've visited the Brilliant Ink website, you may have seen reference to 10 words and phrases we've pledged never to use when developing communications materials for our clients. "Never" is a strong word, and I don't mean to imply that we're inflexible. Instead, it reflects our belief that words have power and meaning, and relying on trite sayings and...

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