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Employee Experience

New Hire Onboarding

Fantastic First Day: Welcome to Awesome!

What's your process for new hire onboarding? How about onboarding new interns?  It’s finally here- the first day of that college internship you’ve been waiting for since you were 16. Hopefully your day will run smoothly, present opportunities and maybe even include a team lunch. For most, this is not a reality and you will spend precious time filling out dull...

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Exit Interview

Exit Interview Questions You Should Ask An Employee Who’s Leaving

A version of this post regarding exit interview questions was originally published on TheMuse.com, and can be found here: http://muse.cm/1WYiz3p   A few months ago, one of my employees decided to leave the company. Her exit wasn’t a total surprise—we’d hired her originally as an intern, and we all knew her heart and her passion resided in the nonprofit realm. I tried to...

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Fashion with a Cause

Brilliant Ink stepped out at Dress for Success San Francisco's 9th Annual Fashion Gala on June 19th. It was a night of style and celebration to support the economic independence of disadvantaged women and to provide them with the necessary career tools to thrive. We love standing behind an organization that sets the foundation for women's empowerment! Check out our photos from...

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Inklings: Week of 6/27/2014

Happy Friday, Brilliant Blog readers!  Here’s this week’s roundup of interesting articles from around the web :)    Generation Why Not: Meet the 35 Under 35, Class of 2014  - Many of the businesses we are familiar with today were the brainchildren of young business people.  Read about 35 of these brilliant business...

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Inklings: Week of 6/13/2014

Happy Friday, Brilliant Ink blog readers! If you’re in search of some good reads to help you kick off your weekend, you’re in the right place. Enjoy these interesting and insightful articles that we gathered from around the web this past week! 4 Company Perks That Cost Nothing—But Mean Everything – While you...

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The Concert Experience

Until recently, I’d never quite understood all of the hype that surrounds concerts. With the hassle of locating a venue that’s reasonable to get to, finding people to go with, spending an exorbitant amount of money on overpriced tickets, and dealing with the thousands of other people (not to mention the accompanying traffic!) who attend – it certainly did not...

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Inklings: Week of 6/6/2014

Hello lovely Inklings readers!  It’s Friday, which means that the weekend is upon us – what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some of our favorite articles that have been circulating the web this past week!  We Got A Look Inside The 45-Day Planning Process That Goes Into Creating...

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Step Back! The Importance of Taking Time to Stop and Assess

I can be highly suggestible. When my friends want to try something new, they know that I’ll usually agree to try something before thinking through the entire process. This excitement for new adventures has led to me finding myself skydiving, off-roading in Qatar and agreeing to hike the Inca trail - generally getting myself into harmless shenanigans. But when it...

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Happiness @ Work

Lately, it seems like “happiness” is everywhere – and not just because of that catchy tune by Pharrell. Maybe it’s because the economy is finally taking a turn for the better, but it seems everyone’s talking about the importance of happiness – heck, there’s even a “World Happiness Report.” Really. With all this...

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Inklings: Week of 5/30/2014

After powering through a short week due to Memorial Day weekend, Friday is already here!  So sit back, relax, and take a look at these articles we’ve enjoyed reading this past week! Skype Translator Means Never Having To Learn Another Language Again - Ever thought it’d be cool to be able to have...

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