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Employee Experience

Life’s Little Blessings

When I was interviewing with Brilliant Ink, I remember being impressed by the unlimited vacation policy, generous bonus program, and attractive benefits, but I never thought to inquire about the company’s maternity leave policy. Perhaps I’m wrong here, but unless having a child is in your immediate future plan, a maternity-leave policy isn’t even a thought in your mind –...

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Inklings: Week of 2/13/2015

The weekend is just around the corner. And this week’s Inklings have arrived – check them out: 3 Expert-Backed Tips for Achieving Your Biggest Goals – Most of us are quite proficient at setting goals…it’s achieving them that sometimes seems to be the problem. How do you get to the stage of reaching...

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Hearts Forward

Giving back has always been a part of who I am, and being part of a company culture that continually shows appreciation for others is vital to my workplace happiness. It keeps our people engaged, conveys a sense of purpose and allows us to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Our CEO recently stated that as an employee engagement agency,...

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Inklings: Week of 2/6/2015

Friday has landed and the Inklings are here. Read away: The Rise of Social Graphs for Businesses – See how social graphs are beneficial for companies. 11 Stats That Prove Stress is Bringing You Down – Most people admit that they’re stressed. But what does all...

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Inklings: Week of 1/30/2015

January seems to be zipping by and Friday is here, once again. See what’s been trending on the web this past week: 3 Steps To Regaining Your Focus – When delaying work, is your first instinct to pick up your phone? Here are three tips on how you can avoid distractions. ...

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Inklings: Week of 1/23/2015

Your weekly Inklings are back! See what’s caught our eyes so far in 2015: 11 Time-Saving Tools You Won't Believe Your Office Survived Without – We’re constantly looking for time-saving tools. Some prove to be useful, while others fall by the wayside. What do you think about these ones? ...

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Deciding on Opinions

Do other people’s opinions really matter? This question has come up every so often throughout my entire working life. At work, I’m a person who cares about what other people think. That quality has served me well in my career, but has also provided me with crippling stress and a need to analyze...

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One-Word Resolutions

Of the 44 percent of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution*, how many stick to their goal? The figures vary, but none of them tell a happy story. If you’re like me, you’re tackling 10 resolutions at once and feeling exhausted by the end of January. So, I’m shaking things up this year and trying something different: a one-word...

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Inklings: Week of 12/19/2014

Hey there, Brilliant Blog readers – the holidays are now upon us. See what’s caught our eyes on the web this week and see you in 2015! Align Your Time Management with Your Goals – Having goals and utilizing time management techniques are important. Do you have these two aligned? ...

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Inklings: Week of 12/12/2014

The weeks seem to be whizzing by and the weekend is here, once again! Read what’s been circulating around the web this week: 8 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees – The end of the year is nearing. Here are some ways to tell your employees and co-workers, “thank you!” ...

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