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Employee Experience

We all have our obsessions

It may sound odd, but here at Brilliant Ink, we’re pretty much obsessed with Employee Engagement. We work with clients every day to tackle their engagement challenges. We read about what others in our business are doing. Heck, we even do our own research on the topic. So when I came across this recent headline on Fast Company’s website, it’s no...

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Millennial series: the job hunt

What does it take to catch a millennial job hunter’s eye? A killer career page. According to the Employee Experience Survey, a research study surveying hundreds of Fortune 1,000 professionals, millennial job seekers are roughly 20% more likely to check out your website’s career page than employees of other age groups.So what does it mean to have a killer career...

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Social media: your employees matter too!

Since social media came onto the scene, businesses have been targeting their Facebook posts, tweets, and blog posts to customers, but have they neglected the group that has the highest stakes in the company’s success? While social media should be reaching customers, it can serve an equally important purpose: connecting with employees.Above anyone else, employees believe in your mission and...

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Finding meaning in the moments

If you had to describe your life to someone who doesn’t know you, what would you say? How would you explain it? Would you start chronologically, or hone in on pivotal moments? Would you describe accomplishments or relationships?However you choose to define it, specific snapshots of moments are probably flashing through your mind. That’s because our experience of anything is...

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Bringing the personal and the purposeful into our work

I just finished Dan Pink’s latest book, To Sell is Human. It’s a fascinating read that explores how and why, so many of us are now in sales.Sales. Yuk.But before you think I’ve just condemned myself (and possibly you) to the sleazy ranks of the stereotypical smarmy salesman, consider this:“[We] are engaged in what I call “non-sales selling.” We’re persuading,...

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Grief and the workplace

Like most Americans, I’ve been struggling to make sense of the terrible events in Newtown last Friday. I’ve watched my friends on Facebook line up on either side of the gun control issue, reflect on the need for greater mental health resources, and urge some kind of action to hopefully bring an end to the awful cycle of violence that...

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‘Tis the season…

Last week, I had the good fortune to be onsite with a client on the day the company handed out its holiday gifts to employees. As I sat in the reception area, I watched countless employees excitedly walking to pick up their gift, and wearing huge grins after they’d retrieved it.It got me thinking – this relatively small gesture can...

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In Great Company

Last week Kate and I had the privilege of hitting the road and sitting down with a clients’ employees to find out what makes their culture special and different. We’ve done employee focus groups many times, and I usually get a feel for a culture within the first five to 10 minutes of being in the room. ...

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In the wake of Sandy, a shift in corporate culture?

Here at the east coast office of Brilliant Ink (a.k.a., my apartment), life is slowly getting back to normal. My family and I were very fortunate – we live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and were largely unaffected by Super Storm Sandy. We never lost power, and our neighborhood was spared the damage and flooding that others suffered....

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Little steps, big changes

“If only I had a little more time.” If I had a dollar every time this thought went through my head, I’d be rich.Juggling motherhood and running a business doesn’t seem to leave much time for anything else, whether it’s squeezing in a run or just making the bed in the morning. And for better or for worse, I’m a...

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