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Internal Communications

Constant change means you need a strong network

Why belong to a professional organization? In an age of massive open online courses (think Coursera and Khan Academy), abundant web seminars, and hundreds of free meetup groups in every major city, it’s a fair question. Why pay an annual membership fee to belong to a group of communications professionals when you can pick and choose learning opportunities? As a...

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How to write so your employee audience will read

One simple tip can radically improve intranet content and employee messaging and instantly increase the number of employees who read right to the end: Stop writing book reports. Yes, you heard me. So much of the content that is specifically created for employees follows the same pattern we used when writing book reports for school a thousand years ago- this happened, and...

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Why Good Design Matters for Employee Communications

It’s not a secret that design has become a strategic weapon for external communications. Whether it’s an easy-to-use website or an engaging ad campaign, companies of all sizes understand that design can differentiate and create loyal customers. When it comes to employee communications, fewer examples of stand-out design tend to surface. This may be because this type of communication is meant...

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Social media: your employees matter too!

Since social media came onto the scene, businesses have been targeting their Facebook posts, tweets, and blog posts to customers, but have they neglected the group that has the highest stakes in the company’s success? While social media should be reaching customers, it can serve an equally important purpose: connecting with employees.Above anyone else, employees believe in your mission and...

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Did you mean to send that email?

Late last year, when students were studying hard for finals and getting ready to head home for the holidays, Replyallcalypse descended upon NYU. You may have heard about this one very unpopular – or popular, depending on how you look at it – NYU student who accidentally hit “reply all” to a university email. Instead of sending the email to...

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Putting trust in your employees

Ever since I attended Yammer’s YamJam conference last month, I’ve been thinking about a quote I heard: “If you have a culture of trust at your organization, employees won’t be afraid to point out your mistakes. And they’ll do this before your competitors.” Being open to employee feedback not only helps you adjust course quickly but it also shows employees...

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Help for corporate editors

Developing great stories and features for your corporate intranet or newsletter is a time-consuming and often thankless task. You spend hours researching and writing articles that are read in a matter of minutes (if at all) and then displaced almost immediately by the next feature. Expectations are high and the workload is relentless, yet feedback (let alone praise) is hard...

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Five ways to wow employees with infographics

We’ve been big fans of infographics for a while now at Brilliant Ink (check out our Pinterest board on information design for proof), and we get particularly excited about their possibilities as a tool for employee engagement. If you haven’t yet thought about harnessing the power of infographics internally, here are five ideas to get you started (and a few...

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