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Internal Communications

Can Instagram go internal?

My friend Josh is an Instagram aficionado. Instagram is the photo-sharing app (complete with vintage photo filters and hashtag capability) that took the smartphone industry by storm. At restaurants, Josh is more preoccupied with taking pictures of food than eating. Our friends joke about his restaurant habits, but there’s no denying that we (and all 155 of his Instagram followers)...

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Beginner’s Mind

As the new kid on the block at Brilliant Ink, I thought my first blog post should be about just that: being new, and the valuable perspective that offers. “Beginner’s mind” is a concept from Zen Buddhism that encourages cultivating a sense of openness to new experiences and information – and not becoming too attached to your own opinions or...

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Simplify Your Intranet

Your Intranet: No Need for Instructions

What’s your New Year’s resolution? We’ve got one you can stick to—and it doesn’t require any fancy gym equipment or crazy diets. Make your intranet easier to use. There are ways to make your site fool-proof without a major re-haul. We promise! We believe employees shouldn’t need training to use an intranet. They spend at least part of their day online—watching...

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Less is More

The picture to the left shows the many posters we’re required by federal, state and local government to display in our little office. If you’ve already fallen asleep, I can’t blame you. Have you ever seen anything more boring or less reader-friendly?We’ve posted them in the closet because, frankly, they’re an eyesore. More importantly, they’re absolutely ineffective at their apparent...

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Why fluff isn’t fluff, it’s glue

In writing for Brilliant Ink clients, we get the opportunity to see first-hand what stories engage our employee readers most closely, what fires their imaginations, what makes them proud and what gives them a sense of belonging.It turns out that it’s not the recaps of corporate strategy meetings and news about great partnership deals that connect employees most closely to...

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The value and impact of infographics

Infographics are EVERYWHERE. You know - those little graphic visual representations of complex data or information. What started as a daily feature in USA Today has exploded in the past few years, and now you can find infographics on every topic from social media to the anatomy of a s'more. Fast Company and Wired regularly feature infographics, there's a daily blog...

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Let’s Get Viral

Have you seen the latest viral marketing campaigns making their rounds on the internet?Buzz is high about denim icon and blue jeans inventor Levi Strauss & Co. and their Rear View Girls video, which features two lovely young gals who secretly capture admirers checking out how fab their butts look in their jeans with the help of a hidden pocket...

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Playing with fire?

A couple of weeks ago the internet was ablaze with word of a memo, penned by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, decrying the company’s current market position and chances for success in an increasingly competitive environment. The memo began with the story of a man standing on the burning platform of an oil rig, facing the difficult decision of whether to...

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