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Internal Communications

The value and impact of infographics

Infographics are EVERYWHERE. You know - those little graphic visual representations of complex data or information. What started as a daily feature in USA Today has exploded in the past few years, and now you can find infographics on every topic from social media to the anatomy of a s'more. Fast Company and Wired regularly feature infographics, there's a daily blog...

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Let’s Get Viral

Have you seen the latest viral marketing campaigns making their rounds on the internet?Buzz is high about denim icon and blue jeans inventor Levi Strauss & Co. and their Rear View Girls video, which features two lovely young gals who secretly capture admirers checking out how fab their butts look in their jeans with the help of a hidden pocket...

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Playing with fire?

A couple of weeks ago the internet was ablaze with word of a memo, penned by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, decrying the company’s current market position and chances for success in an increasingly competitive environment. The memo began with the story of a man standing on the burning platform of an oil rig, facing the difficult decision of whether to...

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No Longer Striving for Greatness

Here at the Brilliant Ink offices, we frequently go off on little rants about words. Words that are really cool. Words that are used in corporate-speak and make no sense. Words that drive us crazy because they’ve been twisted around and used in a context that’s all wrong. Words that are so overused that they’ve almost lost their significance.Today I’d...

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To Americanize or not to Americanize – the global communications dilemma

As a Brit, I grew up writing with proper British English and idiom. In the early part of my communications career, I learned that “correct” English could be baffling to colleagues from other countries. Writing for American companies, I learned that “u” is often superfluous and that “fanny” is, in fact, a perfectly fine word to use in company. Now...

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Crossing the finish line

Isn't it exciting when something you've poured lots of time and effort into is finally finished and heads out the door for the whole world to see? And it's even more exciting when that something is changing the world for the better.That's why we are so pleased to congratulate the staff at Metta Fund on the launch of their brand...

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C’mon, Share the Love!

With Valentine's Day just behind us, it reminds me of how many of us "share the love" in the workplace - that is, through corporate recognition programs.Over time, the simple act of saying thank you seems to have become rather complicated in the corporate workplace. There are big, yearlong recognition programs with points and websites and Caribbean cruises. There are...

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Once Upon a Time…

Everybody loves a good story. As a kid, I became obsessed with reading early on. In fact, one of my earliest memories is waking up before dawn to read to myself while the rest of my family was still sleeping. And while I don't necessarily set the alarm clock to read these days, I can still get sucked into a...

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