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Five Years of Brilliance

Brilliant Ink’s five-year anniversary passed quietly a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t even realize it was upon us until I was driving home from the office and heard a story on the radio about the five-year anniversary of the failure of Lehman Brothers. In my mind, the financial crisis of 2008 has always been connected to the beginnings of...

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Employee Experience Series: Employee Engagement From the Ground Up

Our Employee Engagement research shows that 77 percent of candidates felt that the interview process prepared them for the everyday reality of the job.  For the remaining 23 percent, however, the experience was disappointing and some even felt misled by the interview. Those candidates were more likely to feel a lack of engagement in their new job. ...

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Read Me!

Count sheep. Read a page from Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Drink a glass of warm milk. No disrespect, Mr. Tolstoy, but those are a few of my tried-and-true cure-alls for insomnia. Reading a communications protocol book shouldn’t be among them. Recently, we’ve been working with several clients on developing a brilliant approach to...

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Recognizing your rock star employees

It’s no secret that recognizing your people is crucial to building a strong team of engaged, happy employees. That’s why it was a topic of conversation at last week’s IABC Speed Networking event in San Francisco. I swapped ideas and advice from fellow communicators on ways to infuse recognition into a company’s culture. So what’s important for creating an amazing...

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In the wake of Sandy, a shift in corporate culture?

Here at the east coast office of Brilliant Ink (a.k.a., my apartment), life is slowly getting back to normal. My family and I were very fortunate – we live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and were largely unaffected by Super Storm Sandy. We never lost power, and our neighborhood was spared the damage and flooding that others suffered....

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And the award goes to…

Here at Brilliant Ink, we’re in the midst of awards season. No, we’re not indulging in the Teen Choice awards or the MTV Video Music Awards (okay, maybe some of us are). For the past several months, we’ve been working with our clients to pursue a number of workplace awards, from Working Mother magazine’s “100 Best Companies,” to more specialized...

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Culture starts at the top

Don’t you hate it when everyone and their grandma piles onto a media story and dissects it to death? Yeah, me too, but in this case I really couldn’t help myself.The media is all abuzz about Marissa Mayer’s appointment as the new CEO of Yahoo!, and even more so with the news that she’s also pregnant with her first child....

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Develop sweet communications – the fat-free kind

Look up from your screen for a moment and count how many tchotchkes you have sitting on your desk. Now, count how many are collecting dust. Sure, we all like a freebie every once in a while, but communications is more than ice cream socials and thousands of pens with your company’s logo.As communicators, we are storytellers with important, and...

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Learning from the best of the best

Yesterday, Fortune released its annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Since the list was introduced in 1998, it has become the gold standard of workplace awards, plastered across winners’ websites, touted by recruiters and coveted by companies across the country.So, what can the rest of us learn from these top companies? Sure, perks like gourmet food...

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