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We all have our obsessions

It may sound odd, but here at Brilliant Ink, we’re pretty much obsessed with Employee Engagement. We work with clients every day to tackle their engagement challenges. We read about what others in our business are doing. Heck, we even do our own research on the topic. So when I came across this recent headline on Fast Company’s website, it’s no...

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Inklings: Week of 5/31/2013

This week's bits of brilliance from around the web: Majority of New Hires Say Job Is Not What They Expected- This echoes our research!  CEO Discovers That Employees Want To Know What Kind of Person He Is- Love this! Employees want to KNOW, like, and trust their CEO, then they will listen. ...

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Inklings: Week of 5/24/2013

It’s been an exciting week at Brilliant Ink Headquarters- we welcomed our summer intern Adrian, Liz shared our research at an SF IABC event, and we found out that we received an IABC Gold Quill award for our research! Here’s a few bits of brilliance from around the web this week: Why Marketers Choose...

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Inklings: Week of 5/10/2013

Happy Friday! A few articles that caught our eye this week: Imagine What We Can Do- Great LinkedIn anniversary video celebrating careers built in the pursuit of dreams. Why Humor Makes You More Creative- Having a few good laughs can change everything at work- something we definitely like to practice at the Brilliant Ink...

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Inklings: Week of 5/3/2013

Tinypulse.com- We love this concept- quick, regular surveys to keep tabs on employee morale. The Science of Serendipity in the Workplace- Companies aren't leaving serendipity to chance - some great examples of how companies are encouraging employee interaction. Training: Making the First Day Count-  as our...

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Inklings: Week of 4/26/2013

Happy Friday! Here are a few articles that caught our eye this week: Creating the Best Workplace on Earth- Great insights for our clients, and Brilliant Ink! How to Hire Better and Faster- This ties back nicely to our research - creating a clear picture of the role and growth opportunities right from the...

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Inklings: Week of 4/12/2013

Morale-Lifting Secret: 5 Factors- Spoiler alert: money does not make the list! What am I supposed to tweet about?- This is aimed at journalists but the advice is good for everyone. We especially like “Pull back the curtain on your process.” Tell Better Data Stories with Motion and Interactivity- Hans Rosling talks about how...

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Inklings: Week of 4/5/2013

The things I Carry- Fun LinkedIn series of what do successful people always carry. We especially like the executive who always carries little love notes from his wife.Let’s Declare April Email Amnesty Month- Ways to treat email deadbeat syndrome and wean us away from email dependence.Employee Engagement: It’s Getting Employees to Think Like Owners- Great description of employee engagement.7 People...

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A few bits of brilliance for your Friday afternoon:Memo to Staff: Take More Risks- What smart risks would you take if you were handed a “Get out of Jail Free” card? Love this idea as a way to encourage innovation.Your Phone vs. Your Heart- Interesting article on why social interaction (and putting down your phone) can have a positive effect...

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Inklings: Week of 3/22/2013

Are You Ignoring The Candidate Experience At Your Own Peril?- Great article emphasizing the importance of the candidate experience. For more information on the impact the candidate experience can have on the Employee Experience, check out our research. Good Grammar Should Be Everyone’s Business- Informal study found that profiles on LinkedIn with fewer language errors got more...

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