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News and Trends

Inklings: Week of 3/15/2013

A few bits of brilliance from around the web this week: 10 Careless Writing Mistakes- A must read if you’ve ever said “supposably” or “for all intensive purposes”. Lean In, Read On- Lots of buzz about Lean In this week. WSJ provides a nice round- up of 21 perspectives on...

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Inklings: Week of 3/8/2013

Light Sculpture for Bay Bridge - Love the fun face lift to the Bay Bridge! Mothers of Invention—Women Who Made it Happen-  In honor of Women’s History Month, some inventions created by women. Thanks for the disposable diaper! Office Stress: His vs. Hers- Some interesting gender differences in office stress. The Candidate Experience? Survey Says,...

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Inklings: Week of 3/1/2013

Welcome to March! Here’s what was happening around the web this week: Everyone has had something to say on Yahoo’s work from home policy change. Check out our guest blogger’s perspective: Marissa Mayer- It’s her right to be wrong Employees were jobbed about this job- Companies aren’t giving job candidates a realistic picture of...

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Marissa Mayer- it’s her right to be wrong

We’re excited to have a guest blogger featured on the Brilliant Blog this week. Neil Cohen shares his insights on Yahoo’s new no work from home policy.Late last week, Yahoo’s head of Human Resources sent an email to all employees outlining a new policy in which any employee with a work-from-home arrangement will now be required to work in a...

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Inklings: Week of 2/22/2013

A few things that made us think, and made us chuckle this week: Passionate, Creative Thinker Seeks a Job: How to fix a personal brand that’s a total cliché- The importance of a personal brand in a job search (perhaps descriptors like “good communicator” should be added to our list of words not to use). ...

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Inklings: Week of 2/5/2013

It's been busy around here this week, but we were still about to find a few bits of brilliance to share with you:A short and sweet history of conversation hearts- Impressive how conversation hearts have been able to stay current over the past 144 years by continuing to update their messages (Tweet Me, anyone?) Happy belated Valentine’s Day!Emotional intelligence can...

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Inklings: Week of 2/8/2013

Another round of brilliance on the web this week:Top 10 intranets are ‘genuinely enjoyable’ to employees- What goes into an award-winning intranet? A look at two companies that scored a spot on Nielson Norman's top 10 list.Pop-up Workplace- A Future of Work Trend- Interesting article about pop-up cubicles. We're fans of pop-up shops, but pop-ups at work? Intriguing idea.Getting Stuck...

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Inklings: Week of 2/1/2013

Can you believe that January is over?! This month certainly seemed to fly by for the Brilliant Ink team as we've been busy working on big things for 2013. This week we sent out our newsletter and welcomed our new Winter Intern, Christina. Here are a few bits of brilliance we enjoyed reading this week:8 Tips for working with a...

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Inklings: Week of 1/25/2013

It’s been an exciting week here at Brilliant Ink- we unveiled the results of our Employee Experience Survey on our website, Ann kicked off the first week of staff tweeting for our twitter account, @brilliantink , and our former intern Jackie rejoined our team for the next few months!Here are a few bits of brilliance we found on the web...

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Inklings: Week of 1/18/2013

Our weekly update of bits of brilliance from around the web:Management is still not leadership- What’s the difference between leadership and management? Good question!Why writing with our hands is still important- Writing by hand stimulates different brain cells than typing, allowing you to focus more completely on what you’re writing. Students learn more effectively when they have to physically form...

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