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Internal Communications Best Practices Summer 2016

Internal Communications Best Practices – Summer 2016

  Last week, I attended ALI’s 2016 Strategic Internal Communications conference in Boston. It gave me the chance to connect with some really smart folks in our business, and gain insights into key trends and the latest internal communications best practices that shape the work we do every day.   The event chair, the incomparable Steve Schenbaum, kicked  off the event with some...

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Whether or not you agree that Hillary Clinton is the best, most qualified candidate in today’s presidential race (we can save that for another post), you cannot deny the fact that this week, Hillary made history as the first female presidential nominee of a major political party....

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Thoughts on Leaning In

I'm always a bit surprised when I see negative feedback targeting Sheryl Sandberg. She's not perfect (but has never claimed to be), but there's no question she's played a huge role in shifting the dialogue around women in the workplace and has inspired MANY women to take bigger risks at work (myself included). She was gut-wrenchingly honest about the death...

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Inklings: Week of 5/8/2015

Check in to the weekend & check out this week’s Inklings: The 8 Simple Habits of Incredible Bosses – Be the best boss you can be. We believe in that statement.  This Clever Seat Belt For Your Desk Chair Will Force You To Sit Up Straight...

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Inklings: Week of 4/24/2015

Welcome to the weekend – but first, kick it off by taking a look at these articles that caught our eyes this week: Emotional Intelligence Doesn’t Translate Across Borders – Emotions are complex. How do the cues we usually use to determine how others feel differ by country? RIP Email: What Digital Messaging Will Look Like in 2020 – Many of us...

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Inklings: Week of 4/17/2015

Friday. Inklings. Read away. 40 Organizations Leading the World in Employee Engagement – Wonder which companies are ranked the best in employee engagement? Here they are. This May Not Surprise You: Only 10% Of Managers Have What It Takes To Be Managers – Peep at this advice for current managers or those aspiring to be great leaders. 3 Ways to Seem Powerful, Not...

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Inklings: Week of 4/10/2015

Hooray for Friday! See what’s been circulating the web this week: The Benefits of Unplugging as a Team – Do you prefer reading from a screen or from a physical book you hold in your hands? See what some have to say about technology and how we use it. 30 Super-Critical Non-Verbal Cues in Business – You’ve probably been told over and...

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Inklings: Week of 3/6/2015

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Here are some things to think about as you head into your weekend: 3 Signs You’re Being Too Nice to Your Team- Being “too nice” can hinder employees’ growth. We gathered some advice on entering into this zone. How to Be More...

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Inklings: Week of 2/27/2015

Friday. Inklings. Happy reading. The 12 Best Ways to Reward Employees on a Budget – Looking for some ideas about how to boost employee engagement? Look no further. 11 Google apps you probably didn’t know existed – It goes without saying that Google rolls out many...

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