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Tools and Technology

Putting trust in your employees

Ever since I attended Yammer’s YamJam conference last month, I’ve been thinking about a quote I heard: “If you have a culture of trust at your organization, employees won’t be afraid to point out your mistakes. And they’ll do this before your competitors.” Being open to employee feedback not only helps you adjust course quickly but it also shows employees...

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Five ways to wow employees with infographics

We’ve been big fans of infographics for a while now at Brilliant Ink (check out our Pinterest board on information design for proof), and we get particularly excited about their possibilities as a tool for employee engagement. If you haven’t yet thought about harnessing the power of infographics internally, here are five ideas to get you started (and a few...

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Can Instagram go internal?

My friend Josh is an Instagram aficionado. Instagram is the photo-sharing app (complete with vintage photo filters and hashtag capability) that took the smartphone industry by storm. At restaurants, Josh is more preoccupied with taking pictures of food than eating. Our friends joke about his restaurant habits, but there’s no denying that we (and all 155 of his Instagram followers)...

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Simplify Your Intranet

Your Intranet: No Need for Instructions

What’s your New Year’s resolution? We’ve got one you can stick to—and it doesn’t require any fancy gym equipment or crazy diets. Make your intranet easier to use. There are ways to make your site fool-proof without a major re-haul. We promise! We believe employees shouldn’t need training to use an intranet. They spend at least part of their day online—watching...

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Who Wants to Jam?

Who out there was in a band growing up? Do you remember jamming it out in a friend’s garage and keeping the neighbors up? Even for those of us who weren’t cool enough to make the cut in a band (myself included), we know that a jam session is musicians coming together, harmonizing and improvising as they go.These days you...

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Time to put the top down?

What’s the best way to get people to really listen to the message you’re trying to get across? In today’s age of information and technology overload, we’re all getting hit with messages from every angle – mobile phones, email, text messages, tweets, Facebook updates. How can you break through all of that and actually be heard amongst all of the...

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Social media – worth the risk?

Throughout my career, I've done a lot of work with clients in the pharmaceutical industry. So I know all too well the unique challenges this highly regulated industry faces. Pharma companies are bound by rules set forth by the FDA that govern their PR, marketing and advertising activities. Every tactic is scrutinized by internal marketing and sales teams, and even...

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Spruce up your policies

I recently came across an interesting blog post about the importance of having a social media policy. This got me thinking about the challenges of communicating policies and procedures to employees. By nature, policies tend to be prescriptive and dry, but nonetheless an important part of your company's operations. So, how can you ensure your people understand and comply with...

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The Social Media Divide

Working with clients across a variety of industries, it's been fascinating to see how companies are responding to social media/marketing tools and trends. The differences are vast and telling: Multiple contacts at pharmaceutical companies have said how difficult it is to use the most basic online activities to promote their products. Corporate blogs are considered too risky, and one contact told...

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