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Tools and Technology

All a-Twitter

I was planning to use this blog entry to link to a guide with Twitter-related resources, but I just realized I was about to do something that has been annoying the heck out of me lately - assume that everyone reading already knows exactly what Twitter is in the first place. If you're currently alive and read any online content,...

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First newspapers, next books?

With the increasing popularity of online news sources and the slow, downward spiral of newspapers, can we assume that online content is about to kill print books, too? A lot of people think so, thanks to the success of Amazon's electonic book, Kindle. At the end of November, Amazon was apparently telling customers it would take 11-13 weeks to fulfill...

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Read all about it

It's now official: the internet has surpassed all other media except television as a main source for national and international news, according to the Pew Research Center. For younger generations, the internet is in a dead heat with television as a main source of news. Check it out: Internet Overtakes Newspapers as News Source...

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Web writing made easy

Here are some great pointers on how to write for the internet. I found point #7 particularly interesting, as search engine optimization is all the rage right now. I think the key is to first think about your business and your potential customers - how do they find you now? If internet searches are yielding lots of business for you,...

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Do people really want to be Facebook friends with your brand?

It depends on your brand. That's my answer, although a recent NY Times article takes a more skeptical tone. The article examines Procter & Gamble's social advertising efforts in support of two products: Tide and Crest Whitestrips. While the Facebook promotion of Crest Whitestrips yielded 14,000 fans, P&G offered thousands of free movie promotions to sweeten the deal, which makes...

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How to be a successful blogger

Here's an interesting article about common traits of successful bloggers. Some of these may be difficult for businesses to embrace, but I think the key takeaway is authenticity. A business blog should be true to the author while also reflecting the goals and focus areas of the business. Nine Little Known Traits of Successful Bloggers...

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