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Posted on September 29, 2016

Eight is Great!

Brilliant Ink is 8!

Earlier this month, in the midst of the usual September hustle and bustle, Brilliant Ink quietly marked our 8-year anniversary. There have been countless exciting moments and fond memories, and – who are we kidding – our fair share of late nights and stressful moments. But looking back over the past 8 years, I’m tremendously proud of all we’ve accomplished, and so excited for the many years to come!

So, in honor of year #8, here are 8 brilliant things I’m most proud of from these past 8 years!


#1: Team retreats:

I love our (relatively new) tradition of taking an annual team retreat that’s focused primarily on personal and team development. As a fully remote team (see #2), coming together and connecting as a team, while disconnecting from our day-to-day work, has proven to be tremendously energizing and a TON of fun!


#2: Working wherever: 

Late last year, we closed our tremendously expensive offices, and became a fully remote team. Our clients count on us to come to them, and we’ve found that we can all be more productive and save hours on commuting while working from home. Through the power of technology and office-sharing solutions like liquid space, our team feels more productive and balanced than ever!


#3: Brilliant Babies: 

Collectively, our employees have had 7 brilliant babies while working at Brilliant Ink – and we’ve cherished celebrating each and every one! And *squeal* Brilliant Baby #8 is on his way!


#4: Our new look: 

Last year, we unveiled our new brand and website, which reflect our bold approach to creating meaningful employee experiences. We’re so proud to have a brand that portrays our passion, energy and, of course, super-fun personalities!


#5: Our research: 

Rolling out our Employee Experience research was a moment of pure pride and joy for team Brilliant Ink. Conducting that study was a true labor of love, and the findings form the foundation for how we approach employee engagement challenges with all of our clients.


#6: Boomerang clients: 

One of my proudest moments was when a client moved on to a new company, and quickly hired Brilliant Ink to help her new organization. Now, that experience has repeated many times over, and it’s such a thrill when it does. When a client values and trusts us enough to bring us with them into a new role, we know we’re doing our job well.


#7: New values: 

A few years ago, team Brilliant Ink put our collective brilliance toward revisiting and revising our values to ensure they match our personal values and priorities. It was a fun, iterative process and because we all had a say in the new values, they feel especially personal and important to us.


#8: Our partners:

Over the past 8 years, we’ve partnered with more than 40 companies, helping to improve the daily experiences of tens of thousands of employees around the world. Nothing brings us more joy and fulfillment in our work than partnering with organizations that truly value their people and want to constantly improve their employees’ experience. We’ve loved the first 40 – here’s to the next!

Ann Melinger