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Posted on December 3, 2013

Employee Experience Series- The Path Forward

As I finish up my internship at Brilliant Ink and my last semester as a Cal student, the daunting task of finding a full-time career looms ahead of me.  But just because the job market has become more competitive does not mean my peers and I should settle for a ‘here-and-now’ job.  We are looking forward to our futures and are seeking careers that can mold to our lives 5 years from now. If a company clearly outlines how new hires can progress and grow within its ranks, then you can count on fresh employees being more engaged from Day 1.

Career-pathing not only sparks the attention of potential candidates in the initial recruiting process, but also leads to better effort and commitment during an employee’s entire work experience. People are goal-oriented, so be clear about your aims, show them how to improve if necessary, and map out the potential of climbing the corporate ladder. Currently 40% of employees don’t receive career-pathing feedback during performance reviews, which is an ideal moment to be addressing these critical forward-thinking steps.

If you feel you are missing out on great talent because you aren’t telling them the full story, then check out our research to help jumpstart the career-pathing conversation. The key to keeping employees engaged is to show how your company is not just a desk to sit at from 9-5, but a place where they can learn, grow, and prosper. We might be young, but we are beginning to think long-term!

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