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RIP press release?

I recently came across an astounding statistic - in 2007, press releases represented a $2.2 billion market. And that figure only covers the cost of distributing press releases through services such as PR Newswire. It doesn't include the cost of...

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Extra, extra!

I recently came across a site called Newspaper Death Watch - devoted to chronicling newspaper closings across the country and documenting how the industry is changing to survive. A brief perusal of the site raises dozens of questions - what...

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Generation whine?

Recently, I came across a couple of blog posts that point to a troubling trend. The first piece documents an email exchange between a PR agency hiring manager and an intern candidate. The candidate, a recent college graduate, strongly disagreed...

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Choose your words wisely

Here in New York City, concerns about swine flu have reached a fever pitch. Currently, 17 schools across the city are closed because of suspected swine flu cases, and an assistant principal died this week after contracting the H1N1 virus....

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