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Posted on October 30, 2013

Perspectives from a new Brilliant Inkie!

As a new Brilliant Inkie, I wanted to provide some insight on employee engagement from the inside. I’ve had several jobs and internships, and I have to say that I’ve definitely felt the most engaged here. Armed with my brand new Cal degree in Environmental Studies, I believe that many of today’s issues would be mitigated if society were happier and more engaged in the world. If people were happier in their daily lives – and for most, work makes up a large part of our day – society would overall be better off. That’s why I find Brilliant Ink’s work so captivating.

The Job Hunt – As most others do during the job hunt (82%), I visited the company website to get a better feel for company culture. I loved Brilliant Ink’s voice from the beginning– it’s super accessible for those not familiar with internal communications jargon, and fun. The first time I read the website it felt like a friend was talking to me, and I was convinced to apply.

The Interview – My interview took place at the office, and I got to meet the whole team which was unexpected. Realizing that everyone cared to meet me made me feel like what I brought to the table actually mattered.

Day One – On the first day, we went over my responsibilities and how these fit into the overall business strategy and mission – connecting the dots early on. Understanding how my specific role helps our mission keeps me engaged because I know that my work is meaningful and serves a broader purpose.

Daily Grind – On a daily level, including me in meetings makes me feel like part of the team and helps in learning how the organization runs which can help me add value later on. Also, talking about and engaging in activities besides work cultivates a friendly, open environment. Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing Brilliant Ink’s weekly office yoga!

The Path Forward – Brilliant Ink communicated the possibility of growth early on. Just as our research shows that a clear career path increases engagement, I’ve noticed that this is true for myself – I feel much more motivated having a tangible goal to work towards for my own personal and career development.

Brilliant Ink has created such an ideal working environment. Coming out of school, I didn’t expect my first job to be so substantial and exciting, at least in the beginning. I did not expect to be trusted with worthwhile work, to feel like part of the team so early on, and to feel engaged every day. I often find myself thinking that now I’ve been spoiled – how could I ever work anywhere less awesome? I’m so lucky to be Brilliant Inkie!

Brilliant Ink