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Posted on March 17, 2014

Stopping to smell the roses and finding joy in the small things

We’ve been testing out Gratitude at Work as our team has been recording what we’re grateful for and sharing it on BinkPositive, our Tumblr. After a month, we took a few moments to reflect on how this idea, which started out as one of our Test Kitchen ideas, is playing out in our daily lives. From reliving our daily entries to relishing in the little things, check out how Team Brilliant Ink is feeling more grateful these days:

  • “A gratitude journal mobile app is like today’s modern-day version of stopping to smell the roses. Is it sad that I need a daily reminder to pop up on my phone to actually reflect on things I’m thankful for? Maybe. But it’s even sadder to let days, weeks, sometimes months go by without acknowledging the little things in life that make it worth all the hardships. I have been capturing my gratitude for six weeks now and for me, the best part is reviewing all of my entries and briefly reliving those moments that brought me such joy.” – Patty
  • “I love our gratitude blog! I’m getting to know the team a little better and what’s important to each of us (both the big and little things) by the posts that each person makes. I have also noticed that recording my gratitudes daily on the 365 app really puts things in perspective. For example, if I’m feeling tired or grouchy or stressed, just spending a few minutes thinking about the things I’m grateful for definitely puts me in a better mood. It’s interesting to look back at the things that I’ve been recording on a daily basis. They are not earth-shattering things for the most part. Instead, they are things like good food, time spent with friends and family or an afternoon nap on the weekend. I guess that’s kind of the point. It’s not really about the big goals but the little day-to-day things that make life special.” – Liz
  • “Our Gratitude Project has helped me look for the positive. It doesn’t hurt to take a moment or two when you realize just how darn lucky you are.” – Kate
  • “I really enjoy checking out the Gratitude Tumblr blog and seeing what makes our team grateful. It’s also a fun look into what other Brilliant Inkies do and love outside of work. I’ve been keeping up with my own gratitude journal with the Gratitude 365 App, and I love it. It helps me to notice and appreciate little things that maybe I wouldn’t have thought about. I love looking back and seeing everything I’ve recorded so far – it puts a huge smile on my face!” – Zoe
  • “I’ve found that many of the things I’ve jotted down each day relate to my kids. But the surprising result has been that this exercise has really helped me to enjoy my time with them so much more. In the past few weeks, I’m finding that no matter how stressed I am, I’m able to push them aside into a separate little compartment in my brain, and just focus on my kids. As a result, I find myself breaking into fits of laughter with them on a daily basis, and generally enjoying every little moment that much more. It’s hard to believe such a small habit could have such a big change. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always cherished my kids, but this has allowed me to bring that joy to a whole new level.” – Ann
  • “The Gratitude Project has allowed me to think introspectively. I can reflect daily on myself, my surroundings and situations with more ease. I like that I have a record (via the app) of what I am grateful for and the Tumblr, which shares and showcases what our team is grateful for.” – Loriana
  • “I feel that recording what I’m grateful for has helped me notice the little things from a beautiful cloud pattern to street art to a billboard that has been on top of a store near my house that I walk/bike past several times a day and hadn’t bothered to really look up.” – Ruth
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