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Posted on August 18, 2015

Your Intranet Probably Sucks – Here’s How to Fix It

Your Intranet Sucks

Have you ever loved your company’s intranet? I’ve yet to hear an employee rave about their internal portal and the ways it’s a time and sanity-saver in one.

Seriously, Google the words “intranet” and “sucks” and you’ll come up with 97,600 hits.

So is a functioning intranet the stuff of legend? Could an internal site be useful, concise, and delightful – all without over-burdening one editor? We think so – and approaching your intranet as an opportunity to connect with your people is key.

Here are some ways to transform your intranet into an engagement opportunity:

  • Listen to what your people are saying. Do they comment on certain types of stories? Are people-focused Q&As a big hit? Identify trends and figure out what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Data is your friend. Use your annual engagement survey data or feedback in exit interviews to identify gaps in communication and explore ways to fill them such as a new story series or infographics about a particularly important topic.
  • Big changes in your organization? Don’t just post links to the new tools and project plans. Share a message from the stakeholder explaining why it’s happening now and how it benefits the organization in authentic, transparent and human language. Include contact information if people have a question about the change.
  • Your intranet is a valuable connection between employees of all levels, so zero in on your company’s voice, tone and overall style. Define your company’s voice and stay consistent.
  • Speak to employees at every level and feature different roles and functions so there’s a greater understanding of how everyone contributes to the company’s mission.

Check back over the next few weeks to hear our tips and tricks that will help you deliver information and inspiration to your people in brand-new ways. Your people are ready for it. Are you?

Sara Howland