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Brilliant Intranet Resource Library

Corporate Intranet Management

Intranets are often perceived as the red-headed stepchildren of the internet.

Out-of-date content, unfriendly navigation, nonexistent search functionality, poor design…These are just a few of the challenges that seem to plague intranets everywhere.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been helping our clients breathe new life into their intranets since the very beginning of Brilliant Ink. Regardless of the intranet vendor, platform or device, we can help you do it all:

  • Intranet planning and implementation
  • Editorial strategy and content development/writing support
  • Internal content auditing, editing and revisions
  • Metrics, analytics, benchmarking research, best practices and recommendations
  • Designing the overall look, feel and voice – as well as internal style guides/playbooks for adherence
  • And much more!

We like to consider ourselves experts on the subject, and what good is expertise if we don’t share it? Take a look below for an ever-expanding resource library full of some of our best practices, research, writing tips, and more. And when you’re ready to take your intranet to the next level, give us a shout 🙂

Your Intranet Sucks

So is a functioning intranet the stuff of legend? Could an internal site be useful, concise, and delightful – all without over-burdening one editor? We think so – and approaching your intranet as an opportunity to connect with your people is key.

Choosing a new intranet

Thinking of revamping or re-launching your intranet and don’t know where to start when choosing a new intranet provider? Read these four important tips before doing anything else.

corporate intranet mgmt

Intranet giving you the blues? Cheer up and check out our latest research on Corporate Intranet Management, including feedback from real corporate intranet managers on the latest trends they’re into (or not so into), the tools they’re using, their biggest pain-points, and their intranet goals for 2016-2017.

Intranet Blues

We’ve found that we’ll go out of our way for an In N’ Out Burger – and we’re not ashamed of it. Beyond being delicious, our theory is that we like it because it’s consistent. We know what we’re getting, and we know it will be (damn) good. That’s how people should feel about their intranet. Read on for some tips on how you can create a sense of consistency, authenticity and cohesiveness — even when you’ve got a large, possibly global, audience. It starts with defining your company’s voice, tone and style.

Intranet Headlines

Granted, as internal communicators, we’re not always tasked with writing page-turners and breaking news, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Read on for some tips and tools we’ve found to help you write more effective headlines for your intranet.

Simplify Your Intranet

We believe employees shouldn’t need training to use an intranet. They spend a huge portion of their day online—watching videos, posting on social media, downloading content and more. So accessing content on your intranet should also be a breeze. There are ways to make your site fool-proof without a major re-haul. We promise!

Video, Sad Intranets, Storytelling

We attended The Advanced Learning Institute’s Strategic Internal Communications Conference in sunny San Francisco. Check out some key takeaways from the event, including ideas around video, improving your intranet, and some writing and storytelling tips and best practices.

Internal Communications Openers



Some writing inspiration for you: a few knock ‘em dead opening lines that might inspire you, whether you’re introducing a newly designed orientation program, writing an article for your intranet, drafting talking points for a leader or pitching a creative idea to your team.