Intranets are ever-changing and always improving… much like the companies they serve.
Can your intranet management team keep up?

Corporate Intranet Management

Merging web design, internal communications, learning and development and employee engagement, intranets provide an unparalleled opportunity to reach employees at all levels of an organization in a fresh, memorable way.

This whitepaper is the result of Brilliant Ink’s focused research on corporate intranet management:

  • We explored some of the features and strategies that the best of the best intranets put to use
  • We chatted with REAL corporate intranet management teams and got the scoop on the biggest challenges and pain points they face each day
  • We took a deep dive into the intranet trends that are making the biggest impact on today’s internal communications

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Download the POV now to get the inside scoop on corporate intranet management.