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Posted on April 16, 2018

Company Culture: How To Tell If You Have It

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

How can an employer tell if their office has a healthy and happy company culture? We’ve got some ideas.

  • People want to work there.

You are constantly receiving LinkedIn messages and emails asking about open positions. Word travels fast. Your current employees are your best recruiters.

  • Your employees are happy.

Look around. Do people seem happy? Are they smiling? Is there an awkward or tense energy in the bathrooms or break rooms? Take the pulse.

  • Communication is key.

You care about and understand how important internal communications is to a company. You may even have a whole team dedicated to this very topic.

  • There’s no gossip.

Nothing can be more toxic than gossip. That’s why you don’t tolerate or encourage it – this is where a strong internal communications team comes in handy.

  • Your current leaders empower future leaders.

Your team leaders aren’t taking credit for everything and they certainly aren’t putting down their subordinates. They want to see entry-level hires become mid-level associates and beyond – even more, they encourage future leaders without fear of losing their own jobs.


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Tess Palladino