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Posted on August 26, 2018

Why Productivity is NOT the Problem

Think about your typical day at work. How many hours of the day do you spend fixing your computer, finding the perfect office playlist, making coffee, chatting with coworkers, snacking, reading the news, checking your social media, or other various tasks. How much of your day at the office is devoted to actual work?

This 2016 survey has been blowing up our newsfeeds and has made quite the impression in the employee experience realm. If you haven’t heard, this survey found that employees only spend three hours a day doing real work in the office.




Here are the numbers at a glance:

1,989 workers polled

2 hours and 53 minutes spent working productively

44 minutes checking social media

65 minutes reading news sites

40 minutes chatting with coworkers  

17 minutes making hot drinks

23 minutes taking a smoking break

18 minutes making personal calls

26 minutes searching for new jobs


There are plenty of other sources and articles telling you how to be more productive at work. However, we – the employee engagement experts – have a different takeaway.


The issue is not “how to be more productive at work.” The issue is that the majority of our workforce are unmotivated by their jobs or don’t care about what they’re doing. The bottom line is that there are lots of bad jobs, bad bosses, and bad office vibes. There are also many people who work at fantastic offices but are simply not in the right field. Just like there are many people who love their jobs and are motivated by the mission and their managers.


Our call-to-action is not to simply “be more productive.” We call for you to find your dream job in your dream office working for and with your dream team.


Don’t know where or how to start? We got you covered.

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Tess Palladino