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Posted on December 3, 2018

To Gift or Not to Gift?

It’s that time of year, folks! The holiday season is upon us – and it’s coming up fast.


You might be struggling to come up with gift ideas if you’re a boss with a slew of employees or a small business owner. Or you might be debating whether or not to give presents in general. Don’t forget that a nice holiday gift, party, or branded gear doesn’t make up for the rest of the year. Employees want to be paid fairly and equally and enjoy going to work everyday. No present will make up for that. 


If you want to give your employees a little something to show you care we’ve got some ideas for you.


For the tool-centric company


For the yoga office


For the techies


For the tidiest of employees


For the employees with green thumbs


For the organizer


For motivation


For the employee who likes to give back


For the enjoyer of finer things


For the guy who needs to relax


For the gal who needs to relax


Take a look at our favorite women-owned businesses and keep them in mind for the holidays this season.


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Tess Palladino