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Posted on October 5, 2015

Get Organized: Some of Our Favorite New Tools

Let’s face it – technology often comes with the promise of making life easier, but more times than not, it just adds more complexity. That is so not the case with these project-management tools we’ve recently started using. For those of you looking to add a lot more organization to your life with minimal effort, these organization tools are worth checking out. Oh, and bonus – they are totally FREE!

  1. Evernote: It’s time to throw away your Post-it notes! For fellow list-makers, Evernote is like fresh snowfall on Christmas morning – it’s THAT exciting! Not only does it allow you to organize your various notes and lists into categorized notebooks (e.g., Work Stuff, Grocery Shopping, Bucket List), you can download the desktop and mobile versions so that you can add notes at any time and have them sync to all of your devices.
  2. Trello: For anyone who has managed projects with multiple people, and across multiple organizations, you know that things can get a little…messy. Emails get ignored, document versions get mixed up, and balls get dropped. Not anymore. With Trello, you can manage entire projects or individual tasks with boards, lists and cards. You can tag teammates, upload files, make checklists, add due dates, post comments, and more! It’s clean interface and easy-to-use mobile app makes this tool even more ooo-and-ahh-worthy!
  3. Annotary: I’ve used several bookmarking platforms in the past, but none that allowed me to give articles context by highlighting sections of interest. For our team, Annotary allows us to share relevant news and snippets about clients, relevant studies, industry best practices, and much more. As the content curator declares, “Cookies are better with milk. Annotary is better with friends.” I can’t argue with either of those statements.
Patty Youngclaus